About The Book

Who is this book for?

La Famille Jolineau en Vacances is a bilingual , fun storybook for children starting to learn French in primary school, aged 6 and over. The range of vocabulary and complexity of the sentences gradually build up so that children can steadily develop their curiosity and confidence. The colourful eye-catching illustrations create a relaxed approach to make the experience even more enjoyable.

What does the book have to offer?

Throughout the book, children are encouraged to tackle all aspects of learning French, in line with the learning objectives set out for primary schools.

They will take an active part in reading the story. Games at the end of the book will help them with pronunciation and recognising words. Several readings are recommended so that children will eventually rely less and less on the English text.

They will be listening to somebody reading to them, making connections between sounds, words and pictures.

They will practise their speaking. On each page, our curious ladybird Isabelle asks an easy question inviting an answer based on the text just read.

Writing will also be encouraged. Games will help children to memorise words and will invite them to write them down.

Finally, children will explore our French culture corner  and get an insight into a truly French institution, ‘le goûter’.

In a nutshell, a lot of learning without feeling the effort involved !

 Amusez-vous bien !